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  • Why do I need to use a chair mat?

    Chairmats extend carpet and hard flooring life by keeping the caster from direct contact with the carpet or hard floor and dispersing pressure over a much broader area. Many carpet manufacturers void their warranty when a chair with casters is used without a chair mat. Also, when using a chair mat on a carpeted surface it is likely you will reduce fatigue. Using a mat requires less effort by you to move around your workspace resulting in less back and leg strain.

  • How do I get my chair mats to unroll and lay flat?

    Deflecto chair mats are rolled for the consumers convenience when transporting the product. To unroll the chair mat make sure it is at least room temperature, unroll on a hard surface and place weight on all four corners. The mat should lay flat in 12 to 24 hours (warmer areas with direct sunlight will shorten the time needed).
    How to Unroll a Chair mat

  • How do I know which chair mat to choose?

    Please use our Chairmat Selector Tool to find the best chair mat for your needs. For best performance, select a thicker mat for heavier weight or high frequency usage. The thicker the mat the smoother the roll.

  • What are the Deflecto® stock chair mat sizes?

    Stock Chair mat Sizes and Shapes* Mat Size Lip Size
    Traditional Chair mat with Lip 36 x 48 19x10
    45 x 53 25 x 12
    46 x 60 25 x 12
    60 x 60 30 x 10
    Rectangle Chair mat 36 x 48 N/A
    45 x 53 N/A
    46 x 60 N/A
    48 x 72 N/A
    60 x 92 N/A
    60 x 60 N/A
    60 x 72 N/A
    60 x 96 N/A
    Workstation Chair mat
    66 x 60 20 x 10
    Contour 39 x 49 N/A
    48 x 56 N/A
    *Not all sizes and shapes are available in all thicknesses. Mats can be ordered in custom shapes and sizes.

  • Should I choose a beveled edge (ramped) or a straight edge mat?

    Beveled edge mats work best for frequent rolling on and off of your mat. Their ramped edge allows for a smoother transition from the carpet to the chair mat. Beveled edges are almost always more appropriate with thicker mats.

  • What materials are the Deflecto® chair mats made from?

    Deflecto chair mats are made from one of three different materials: 100% Premium Vinyl, 100% Polycarbonate or 100% PET (EnvironMat).

  • How do I file a warranty claim?

    Please fill out the warranty claim form on our website. Proof of purchase is required and shipping charges may apply.
    Chair mat Warranty Form

  • What voids the "Limited Lifetime Warranty"?

    All Deflecto® chair mats have a limited lifetime warranty when the mat is used for the application specified. Please see our Chair mat Warranty Claim Form for more information.

  • How do I purchase a Deflecto® Chair mat?

    Dealers: We will be glad to help you set up an account. Simply download a credit application, complete and fax to 877-333-5351 or e-mail Once we receive the credit application, one of our Customer Service Representatives will follow up for more information, or you can always contact us at 800-428-4328.

    Consumers: We don't sell directly to the end consumer, but we'll be happy to refer you to an authorized Deflecto® dealer in your area. Just click on Where To Buy or call our Customer Service Department at 800-428-4328.

  • What are the best casters to use with a Deflecto chair mat?

    If your chair has casters be sure they are "soft" casters and have wide wheels. If the chair has narrow or steel casters premature wearing of the mat may occur.

  • What is the best way to take care of my Deflecto® chair mat?

    To clean your chair mat use warm soapy water, rinse and dry completely.

  • What is the difference between "traditional" mats and "polycarbonate" mats?

    Traditional mats are made from PVC--poly vinyl chloride and are softer and more pliable than "polycarbonate" mats. Polycarbonate mats are highly rigid, resilient mats and due to the hardness will provide less friction on the casters. They offer exceptional clarity and they won't curl, crack or discolor. Deflecto® polycarbonate mats are designed for any carpet thickness and floor type.

  • What are the advantages of an "anti-static" chair mat?

    These mats are chemically treated to dissipate static electricity. Static electricity can be devastating to computer equipment. The mat helps get rid of the static electricity before it has a chance to do any damage.

  • What are the benefits of a "checkered" mat over a mat with studs on the bottom?

    Unlike mats with a stud underneath, a checkered mat has an innovative bottom grid that will work on any thickness or style of carpet. The checkered mats optimize the grip on the carpet and at the same time present an appealing design when looking down on the mat. Its non-studded design won't pierce or damage carpet backing.

  • How do I order a custom chair mat?

    Use the Custom Chair mat Order Form to order custom chair mats.

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